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Giving Selflessly is easy with all-inclusive features that helps your organization create a purpose-driven culture.

Selflessly helps small and medium-sized businesses develop a purpose-driven culture through giving & volunteering, tracking, coordinating, & celebrating philanthropy, and then rolling it up into actionable data.


Joshua Driver

Like many other selfless people, Josh Driver (co-founder and CEO of supports multiple nonprofits throughout his community. He even started his own nonprofit in 2015 – Open to All. However, through his corporate job, he discovered many barriers to engage his fellow employees in philanthropy. Before, he tried to find affordable workplace philanthropy programs. But no luck. Why should doing good be so hard?

In 2017, Josh won the Techpoint MIRA Community Champion of the Year Award for his nonprofit work with Open for Service. The City of Indianapolis asked him to create the first version of what we now call A rudimentary volunteer management platform to be used for the “It’s My City” Campaign and Indy Do Day.

Continuing to learn workplace philanthropy pain points in 2018, Josh decided he must help small and medium size companies with an affordable platform to help companies start, grow, and record their workplace philanthropy programs. As mentioned above, we built this for us and decided to share it with you!


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