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Luke Van Every

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Luke Van Every

Luke Van Every founded True Compare PEO to better address the individualized needs of small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S. With years of experience working for some of the nation’s top providers, Luke leverages his expertise and long-standing relationships with a broad range of PEOs to help companies evaluate which PEOs offer solutions best tailored to meet their specific needs.

In his role, Luke takes a hands-on approach to working with clients and dedicates the necessary time to understand the unique aspects of their business and guide them through the complex selection process, providing transparency and trusted counsel throughout each phase. He prides himself on staying abreast of the latest trends in the industry as well as the continuously evolving offerings that differentiate one PEO from another.

Luke Van Every

Additionally, Luke is the Founder & Host of In This Together Roundtable, a networking group formed to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and to support other professionals adapting to the changing business environment.

Luke also launched his own podcast called The Network Table Podcast. The podcast focuses on highlighting individuals leading and driving change across a number of industries, providing exposure to new audiences and the opportunity to tell their personal story of success.

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At True Compare PEO, our goal is to simplify the PEO search process and help you evaluate top providers that best suit your individualized needs, providing transparency and trusted expertise every step of the way through a True Comparison.