Halo Branded Solutions Mindi Weissman

Our Services:

  • Strategic Merchandising

  • Custom Kitting

  • Custom Products

  • Strategic Creatiivity & Design

  • Fulfillment & Logistics

  • Sustainability & Compliance

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The Halo Experience (Halo Branded Solutions)

In an industry that’s all about products, we value relationships above all. We call it the HALO Experience:

People 100 percent dedicated to your success. People who bring you ideas before you ask for them. Find opportunities you weren’t looking for. And deliver the right solution at the right time – every time.

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Mindi Weissman

Mindi Weissman: Enthusiastic in nature, I love to take on new challenges.
I am an efficient, organized person with superior follow-through skills. I work closely with clients to understand their requirements and develop effective solutions providing them with a high quality experience. I defy the status quo and am relentless when it comes to finding more ways to help customers focus on what matters most using emotional intelligence and persuasive thinking.
Halo Branded Solutions Mindi Weissman

More About Us

Break Through the barriers that stand between you and your audiences with solutions that engage, inspire and endure.

HALO’s solutions deliver real, tangible impact. Whether you want to double the size of your business, build a world-class workforce or transform your brand into a household name… if you can dream it, HALO can make it happen.

Branded Merchandise

We bring a strategic mindset to merchandise solutions. Our creativity ignites innovation, utilizing design, merchandise, technology and logistics expertise to deliver unforgettable brand experiences.

Recognition & Incentives

Our people-first approach, consultative design process, and scalable SaaS platforms deliver streamlined programs tailored to your unique culture, with easy administration and global reach.

Uniform Solutions

We combine functional, fashion-forward design with sourcing, technology and logistics expertise to deliver uniform programs that build pride in your brand, promote your culture and deliver a flawless purchasing experience.

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