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Our Services:

  • Merchant Services – Point of Sale

  • Invoicing Software

  • Recurring Payments

  • Mobile Readers

  • Countertop Terminals

  • Payment Integrations

  • Consumer Financing

  • Loans

  • eCommerce Support

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The MP Group, comes from a background of B2B door to door sales. The owners of the company, Jay and Chris, have been in that realm for more than 20 years. With that knowledge and experience, Jay and Chris have turned The MP Group into a company that brings value to our clients in a way that no other merchant services company does. With the ability not only to save business time, energy, and stress on the electronic payments side of their business, The MP Group can also help bring opportunities to network and connect with other amazing business owners as well as help businesses refine and deliver their message to other professionals via a podcast.


Jay Worthy

The charismatic family man and local small business advocate of Dallas, Georgia, Jay Worthy, built The MP Group with the intention of providing the best available card services to his local small business community. For a business today to remain locally-focused, accountability is expected and integrity is required. For a business today to remain open, adapting to changing technology is paramount.

Chris Mills

With a keen eye for cutting-edge products and a finger on the pulse of ever-changing security, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Chris Mills provides the product knowledge and technology balance for this executive team. It is this vision of accountability, integrity, and adaptation that keeps The MP Group always ahead of the national brand.

Chris-and-Jay MP Group


I am a lover of people, business, and storytelling- which is why I am a consultant, podcast host, and networking group organizer, and production manager.

One. Have a message that you want to get out to the whole wide world? Well I hate to say that my podcast doesn’t reach nearly that many people, but myself as well as my small community would love to hear your story! If you are interested in being on my podcast, let’s talk!

Two. Want to start your own podcast and spread your message to the whole wide world? Well I am the guy that can help you record that message and make you look pretty and your voice sound crisp. I built a podcast studio in my office. Trust me, we spend a lot of time on the air, but it still goes wildly underutilized. If you are interested in some space for your podcast without spending a ton of money to get it started, let’s talk!

Three. Do you have a business? Let’s talk. I am a consultant in the merchant services space, so we can certainly help you with your credit/debit/ach transactions, but my network of business services professionals is my biggest value. Need a website? Loan? CPA? Payroll? etc. I know someone!

Four. Need to talk with other likeminded business professionals? I organize a networking event for business owners just like you every couple weeks. Want to come talk about your business and try to get some clients and referral partners? Let’s talk!

Bailey Cooper MP Group

What we are all about

Networking – networking opportunities face to face and virtually both as a participant as well as a partner/vendor.

Podcast – complete video production and podcast services for small businesses.

About Burn the Ship Podcast

Burn The Ship gives self-starters a platform to share the story of their journey towards entrepreneurial success with no option of turning back. Our podcast is dedicated to building business relationships between our hosts, our guests, and our audience; making each episode an opportunity for all parties to achieve their goals.